A Quality Collection Of Research Paper Topics About US History

US history is a vast and interesting topic. This is a topic on which research is still in progress, and many people find a new chapter of history each day. This causes the making of a US history paper. These studies are of much value and are very informative. These papers are fed to a contest that chooses the best papers on US history topic. This makes the list of these papers on their rank. Here is the list of top 10 papers on US history:

  1. Dropping of the nuclear bomb: The USA being the one and the only country that used a nuclear bomb in war. This is a topic that has been discussed many times and won many awards during the last decade as people always bring new and interesting historical point of views in it.
  2. FDR and the new deal: In the period of 1933 to 1936 President Roosevelt introduced many domestic improvement programs. This was the counter of the great depression. This was also the topic of discussion for the politics and business student. This is the topic that has been the ideal of a business student to do. Many students spend much of their time studying on all of the aspects of this bill.
  3. 9/11
    The terrorist attack on the twin tower of trade center was the worst terrorist act in the history of the US, and this killed many people. This attacked caused the USA to start a war against terrorism. This is the most recent but the most worked and paper as it includes the part of terrorism. This topic was included in the list due the work is done on it.
  4. The civil war:
    The great civil war of 1861 to 1865 in U S totally changed the course of country’s future. It is a war between the southern and northern states of US and southern seceded from the union and forming different states. Now this is a very vast chapter of US history and many people made many studies on it. This topic has been studied as the past of history book, and this is on this list due to the reason that it have much importance in US history and have many things to focus on. Many people have made research from their own perspective.

These are all of the winning topics of research papers on US history.

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